Saintes-Maries-De-La Mer, France

"When music travels faster then the distance"

23-26 of May 2019

This is a four day long
Travel documentary workshop

When : from the 23th untill 26th of MAY 2019

Where: Saites-maries-de-la mer, france (south,delta)

Focus: Photo-documentary, narrative story creating, personal development

Participants: 12

Price: 490€*

*(not inc.) Travel expences, lunch and supper, drinks, others not mensioned in pdf**

Gypsy soul pelgrimage


Maria Jacobé, Maria Magdalena and Maria Salome, victims of pursuits in palestine, the saints where arrested, embarked on a vessel, then abandoned on a boat with neither sails nor oars. Guided by providence, they approached the provençal shore. 

The Gypsy legend says that sara kali (kali=black), warrior of the nomad gypsy tribes, has a sense, a voice, that had spoken to her telling het to go to shore everyday. 40 day’s had passed when suddenly she saw a small boat in the horizon. Moments later the Maria’s arrived to shore. Sara welcomed them on land and helped the Maria’s to integrate and spread christianity all over the provençal shore. 

This version has not been approved nor recognized or approved by the vatican, they refudes to unclude this into the bible, nor any painting, song or story. 

The vatican church swores that sara was a servant of the Maria’s, that she was a slave and nothing more…

The truth stay’s a mystery or does it seems an evident? 


During 4 day’s we will witness the holy ceremony of this great human migration, we will try out the mystery behind the legend, we will take you to the most important families, spend nights and time around the fire, listen to the different types of music, Manouch, rumba, flamenco, balkan and many surprises, this music is the connection and universal language and biggest contribution to the patrimoni of this repressed minority group/

you will learn how to observe and document, be the invisible photographer, make your own narration, develop yourself as a photo-documentalist and learn lot’s of new skills.

We will have a post production dat in the high pyrnees on the 1st of June 2019, to learn how to develop, select, edit and critic your narration

More info contact us and check out our PDF 

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Photography as a social landscape

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