GYPSY SOUL festival

Mid-Pyrenees - Seissan - France

"When the music travels faster then the distance"

26-28 April 2019

This is a three day long
photo-documentary workshop

When : from the 26th untill 28th of april 2019

Where: Seissan, France (south, mid-pyrenees)

Focus: Photo-documentary, narrative story creating, portrait, night-shooting, time control

Participants: 10

Price: 250€*

Reservation: to confirm your place in the workshop an advance of 100 euro has to be payed 

Contact us for more information 

Welcome in Tziganie Festival 

This festival is known for his strong Gypsy music programmation, a friendly and warm atmosphere and beautiful environment, where standing still on your feet becomes the impossible. 


Check out the festivals website here


This photography workshop will be about finding your own unique vision of the Gypsy festival, in the southern France the village of Seissan, by using the camera to explore in a direct and spontaneous way. Open to both serious amateurs and professionals alike. It is a workshop that will emphasize the development of your own personal way of seeing photographically. Training different techniques and methods will be learned to get the step more you need to create the better image.


Jordi Oliver, one of Spain best photo documentary photographers. Specialised in humanistic photography and working with the Gypsy community for more then 10 years. Known for his alternative learning method, a born educator, teaching you how to bring your personal way of seeing out into your photographs.

Detailed program


Friday 26/04/2019

3 pm: Arrival at the festival 

A presentation will given by Jordi Oliver and Tati Finchi, Preparation and discovering the festival, locations, techniques, positions, backstage and agreements

6 pm: Opening of the festival

Groups: Divanhana (Bosnie), La caravane passe & Erika Serra (France-Hongary), Dj Balkanliente (France), Amsterdam Klezmer Band (Netherlands)

We expect that the last band will finish around 3 am. 


 Saturday 27/04/2019 

12 am: Briefing at the festival

During the day we will document the Festival Off which is out side of the festival, Story tellers, market, music bands, wooden games, horses, roulottes and many more exiting happenings. 

Visit the music workshops and stages

We will cover up the sound checks and backstage movement, the organisation and the public. 

In the afternoon we will have a briefing about the organisation and the positioning of the photographers for the night. 

Night programmation: Titi Robin – Ma Gavali (France), Bojan Krstic Orkestar (Serbia), Petia Iourtchenko Romano Atmo (France), Dj Click (France), Viorica & Taraful De La Clejani (Roumania) 


Sunday 28/04/2019

12 am: Briefing at the festival 

Around lunch we will have a group reflection of the impressions and experiences and reviewing photographical material of the day before. 

A similar structure as the day before will be followed: Off Festival, workshops, sound-checks, backstage, organisation and festival. 

Division of the tasks, spaces, timings and locations.

Programmation: Dzambo Agusev & Macedonian All stars (Macedonia), Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra (Serbia), Click Here – Dj Click Banda (France – Rumania).



Ticket and acces to backstage:

Your ticket to the festival is included in the price as for the acces to the backstage. 


 Sleeping place:

There is a free camping on the festival, we also arranged a sleeping place in a covered space at 2km from the festival for those who don’t want to sleep in a tent or caravan. You will have to bring a warm sleeping bag and camping mattress.  

Those who which to sleep more comfortable, we recommend you to book a hostel or hotel, click here.


How to arrive:

Car-pooling with other participants, or by train to: “Gare d’Auch – Theatre de verdure Seissan” all weekend there will be free busses  without reservation going up and down from the station to the festival. 

For more information and Car-pooling click here.



A lunch and supper will be offered in the back stage for 8 euro a person.


For any questions, comments or doubts contact us.



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