GYPSY SOUL festival

Mid-Pyrenees - Seissan - France

"When the music travels faster then the distance"

26-28 April 2019

This is a three day long
Photo-documentary workshop

When : from the 26th untill 28th of april 2019

Where: Seissan, France (south, mid-pyrenees)

Focus: Photo-documentary, narrative story creating, portrait, night-shooting, time control

Participants: 10

Price: 250€*

*Not included, Meals, sleeping place and transport (**)


Gypsy soul festival – Masterclass

For the 12th edition of the welcome in Tziganie festival, we are very happy to announce that we have the privilege to organise a masterclass of festival-documentary photography. Being the official photographers the previous 6 years, we will learn you all the tips and tricks, the do’s and the don’ts!

Meet the best Gypsy musicians of the year, go behind the scenes with your special backstage pass and be in the frontline with the photographer pass. Meet the crew, the staff and organisers of this never to forget festival! We will learn and tip your skills and make you grow as a photographer on this 3 days experience. Portraits, night-shots, compositions, ricks, techniques, time control, mass production, how to be the invisible photographer and how to make an amazing narration where you don’t leave out nothing. 

An amazing party where you can develop your skills as a documental and festival photographer, what more can you wish for! 

For more info contact us! programmation of the groups and detailed information about the festival check out the web.


(**) Meals 8 euro for Lunch/supper in Backstage, Sleeping place in a barn at 2 km from the festival (camping style) or check out other options here, for transport arrange your own way of traveling or share a car once the group is formed. 



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