Messolongi, Greece

"A travel through the ancient greek traditions"

12-19 of june 2019

This is a week long
Travel documentary workshop

When : from the 12th untill 19th of June 2019

Where: Messolongi, Greece (west greece, delta)

Focus: Photo-documentary, narrative story creating, personal development

Participants: 10

Price: 880€*

*(not inc.) Travel expences to Athens, lunch and supper, drinks


Experience the ancient greek Gypsy pelgrimage tradition in the summer festival of Saint Simeon, Messolongi

In the time of the siege of the town 1824-26 the gypsies were encouraging the warriors with their music , the siege was from two armies , a Turkish and an Egyptian

In addition to the history of the old central Greece, folk songs, the table, the thieves and the renegade (because they were fighting guerilla wars), the Ai Symos sing the famous Messolonghi laurels. Also the gypsy folk musicians play the amazing songs, such as Bandonada or weeping of Ali Pasha. The most spectacular are the dance representations, where the life and sacrifices of the Mesolonghi Fighters are brought to life, under the heroic sounds of zurnades*(flutes) and daoulia*(drums), whose roots reach as the ancient Greece 1000bc *(Dionysian festivals)

Saint Symeon is the protector of the Gypsies, for this reason they come from all over greece to baptize their children and the godfather has to be a “white man”



In this workshop we will travel around Messolongi and its Gyspy communities, get to know the deeper story behind the traditions, families, music and the roots of this ancient pelgrimage

We will open all the contacts for you so you can make your own personal story, we are not tourists but interpreters and

photo-documentalists. We will learn you how you can develop yourself as a deep story teller, make you experience the real tradition and get you integrated so you can deeply process this unforgettable experience. 

You will shoot everyday with Jordi Oliver one of Spains best photo-documentalist photographers, we will edit, review and critisize your work in group sessions, you will develop your personal skills as a photographer and strongly grow into the photo-documentary. 

You will meet and enjoy a conference of a dear friend and amazig local top photographer Vasilis Artikos.

We will eat, drink, dance, make music and enjoy the greek-gypsy life style. 

Clearly an experience you will never forget, it is important to come with an open mind and a will for improvisation, EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN, so be ready. 



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Photography as a social landscape

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