GYPSY SOUL workshop

Transylvania, Cugir, Roumania

"Realise that the world is open"

October 2019 (date comming soon)

This is a week long
Travel documentary workshop

When : oktober 2019

Where: Transylvania, cugir, roumania

Focus: Photo-documentary, narrative story creating, personal development

Participants: 7

Price: 680€*

*(not inc.) Travel expences to Airport cluj-napoca, lunch and supper, drinks

Gypsy Soul Workshop

During this photographical trip to the mysterious landscapes of transylvania, Roumania, we have the opportunity to work one to one with the gypsy community of “george cosbusc”, Cugir, we will follow Cristi Buflea social worker and member of the Fanfara Transylvenia, who makes it possible that this disadvantaged community don’t disappear from the global map and create opportuneties for those who are the future of this amazing community. 

empowerd by balkan music, the language of the soul he managed to make this community grow stronger everyday. 

we will get to know the important families and the people who represent the different Roma communities in the area. Enjoy the differences of the cultures, we will talk, listen, see, show, know and share. 

We are going to witness and follow the young people of the area of “George cosbusc, cugir” , a disadvantaged area where the Roma people live together in unfortunally precarious situations. We will work serveral afternoons together in the local school and the neigberhood to understand and learn from each other. They will guide us trough their world, they will show us hidden places, their situations, dreams and nightmares, while we will teach them how to express with the tool of photography. 

This is an emotional expierence a real intercultural interchange that you will never forget. 

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Photography as a social landscape

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