Snow-scape winter 2019

Natural parc, Pallars Sobira, High-Pyrenees, Catalunya

The silence of things

22th until 24th of February 2019

This is a 3 day intensive
deep inner photographical workshop

When: 22th until 24th of Februari 2019

Where: Natural park, Pallars Sobira, High Pyrenees, Catalunya (+1400m)

Focus: experimental photography, conceptual thinking, creativity, composition, light and shadow, integration of the nature landscape

Participants: 10

Price: 150€*

*accomodation, meals, transport not inculded, contact us for more info


The light and the silence of the winter landscapes is like a world that is undiscovered a word that can not be pronounced, this sensation forces you to dive in to a world of experiment, in this photography workshop we will search for that ultime light, the silence, a dialogue with the threes, a battle with the landscapes, the loneliness and the richness of that extreme feeling that only pure winter can give you.

We will open your eyes and let you experience by explaining you the form of how you can create your inner story, feeling, narration and composing.
Starting with investigation, inspiration, brainstorming and finally the most important creation.

Dubbel exposures, long shutter speed, night and day shoots, vaporization, focus and blur, experiment with materials and push yourself to your limit to break out of your comfort zone and lear.

In this 3 days workshop you will create that

Iwinter time means experiment, searching for that ultim light, the silence, a dialogue with the trees, the laand, the lonlyness, dubble exposures, long exposures that measures time, push yourself to experiment with materials, vaporisation, focus and blur..dubble exposer

2 day shootings , day and night, play with camera, tripot and velosety

In this intensive days we will go to the soul of your body to discover the connection between body and nature. We will challenge you to break your spirit free and feel the eARTh, wake up the conceptual photographer in yourself and create the most spectacular images, that proves the connection between human and nature.

your creativity will be triggered by a wake up call in the form of a study and brainstorming about how the body can connect with nature, concrete examples, we will learn about the masters, we will get inspired by the landscapes, go on excursions and get lost in the high mountains, get in contact with the wild fauna and flora of the protected natural park in the high pyrenees.

This workshop is for those who are anxious to experiment, have an open mind, photographers form all levels, people who want to get lost in nature and connect with the earth.

You will learn how to compose and create that perfect image, we will edit, select, develop and critic your images, thanks to a group masterclass of post-production.

In short, a real intensive program, for those who are not afraid of experimentation and soul searching.

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