Youth work projects

The Arts it has been said cannot change the world,
but they may change human being who might change the world

In our Youth Work projects, we aim to give a voice to the young creators of our society, experimenting with the tool of visual art, empowered by photography, they express their Dreams, future, fears, anger, beauty, statement, reality and their natural feeling for Art. As guiders we listen, feel and work hand in hand, so they can create their own Artistic and Documentary projects. Learning together in a non-formal way is the best school of life we can imagine. 

The Eye of the young

The projects are all created by the children and youngsters who are participating, from small introduction workshops to deeper profound project, looking at the needs and the ideas of the young we work together to achieve their creation a memory never to forget, collective thinking and learning about self development, society, environment, culture and so much more. All with Art as the tool for expression.

Photography as a social landscape

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