Distances are not so big because music travels faster than we think

Gypsy Soul is a project by Jordi Oliver that aims to document the life and migration of gypsy musicians from Turkey, India, the Balkans, Romania, France and spain. Capturing the essence of the Gypsy culture, drawing a journey through land and time, but above all through music, which constitutes the voice, the historical legacy, the hallmark of identity and the most famous contribution to the world of this ethnic group. 

From Andalusia to Rajasthan where gypsies have their origin, Gyspy Soul is a photographic journey that also speaks of the marginalization and persecution suffered by twelve million people. The chanllenge of this project has been for Jordi Oliver to try to reveal Gyspy music, and not simply as an entertainment, but as an oral culture, as a unifying medium and as a form of expression of a people that has been managed to maintain it’s roots in a globalized world. 

Photography as a social landscape

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